Ed ecco un’altra sorpresa da parte di JKBrickworks. Disponibili le istruzioni dello Stand della Hoberman Spere. Dopo tanto tempo dalla pubblicazione di questo progetto, JkBrickorks ha deciso di rendere disponibili le istruzioni, tutto questo grazie a Kevin Williams, un lettore del blog, che ha copiato fedelmente il modello di Jason e ha creato le istruzioni per poterlo creare.

It’s not often that I revisit older models, and even more rare that I’m able to provide instructions for them. Many of those models just aren’t together anymore, so going back and reverse engineering them would take time and effort that I’d rather use to create new things.

On rare occasions, dedicated builders will spend the time to got through the video and photos I created for those models to build their own versions. This is a huge accomplishment in itself, but in this case Kevin Williams not only built his own copy of myHoberman Sphere stand, but also saw fit to create instructions so that others could do the same.

A huge thanks to Kevin for doing this! I know how much time it takes to put together instructions, and I’m really excited that he’s done this for one of my models. Most of the time when people ask me for instructions, I have to say, ‘No, sorry, I never made instructions for that one.’ Now I can finally say yes for one more model! 🙂

Istruzioni Hoberman Sphere Stand 

Lista pezzi Hoberman Sphere Stand

E se vi siete persi le istruzioni e la part list della Oberman Sphere le trovate nei seguenti link

Istruzioni Hoberman Sphere

Lista pezzi Hoberman Sphere

Hoberman Sphere Stand created by JKBrickworks